Following an outstanding performance at our competition in Salem, NH, we faced strong competition with occasional minor technical glitches, and some challenging alliance matchups.  Our team performed with skill and professionalism solving each problem as it arose.  Unfortunately it just wasn’t enough to get us to where we needed to be to qualify for district championships.  Our official season is now complete, but we are looking forward to our visit with GD Middle School after spring break.  We are also hoping to join at least one post-season competition and bring our robot to Grotonfest in the fall.

The Team wishes to thank everyone for their support and encouragement.  We are already thinking about improvements to our mechanics, coding and overall strategy for next year and are excited about a few ideas that we can begin to work on in the fall.

Thank you!
Team 1277 “The Robotomies”

Photo taken after our WPI Competition on Sunday, April 10.

Team 1277 was founded in 2004, under the name ‘Musketeers.’ Over almost 20 years and a couple of name changes, the team has grown, changed, and transformed into the Robotomies. We wouldn’t be where we are without our generous sponsorships and donations from all our amazing supporters. When you support our team, you’re not just helping a team build and compete with robots- you’re helping kids gain experience that will later help further their careers.

FIRST brings so many opportunities not only during high school, but beyond. Simply being on a FRC team offers many scholarships for college. Hear it from one of our ‘22 seniors, Susanna Majkut: “One school offered me 2.5k a year just for being on the team. Knowing that being a FIRST alum can make my college more affordable is so rewarding!”

GD ‘19 graduate Tom Cote, who comes back every year to mentor current students, has gone above and beyond with the knowledge and experience he gained on the team. “Just talking about the things I did on this robotics team got me an electrical engineering internship right out of high school,” Tom says. Now, as a junior in college, Tom is a Systems Integration and Test Engineering intern. He works on electro-optical and infrared systems for defense and space application.

Not only do students learn important mechanical, electrical, and technological skills, but collaboration, hard work, and problem solving. When attending competitions, students must converse with other teams about game strategy- giving them a chance to improve their social skills as well.

When you support our team, you support not only our current season, but our futures. The Robotomies, team 1277, would like to thank all of its sponsors over the years for their generosity.

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all of our recent sponsors:

Colleen Neff
Dan Shreve
Lisa Fuellemann
Christy Lyon
Jesse King
Sarah Miller
Paul Leonardo
Sandra Dickes
Karen Majkut
Colleen McCretton
William Frey
Kimberly Flanagan
Sean Millette
West Auto Repair (Dunstable)
MedAcuity Software
Nathan Glenny
Jennifer Twitchell
Steven Johnson
Jessica Costa
Dorothy Dwyer

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