2024 Team Support

Thank you to our sponsors!!

If you wish to support us in the upcoming season, please contact Mark Rocheleau through the contact us page.


thank you!

Our Fundraising Tiers

Stone Age: $1-99
  • Thank you
Bronze Age: $100-499
  • Company name on website + social media shoutout
Iron Age: $500-999
  • What’s above + name on tee shirt
Industrial Revolution: $1000-1999
  • What’s above + name on banner and small name on robot
Machine Age: $2000-3999
  • What’s above + large name on robot
Digital Revolution: $4000+
  • What’s above + preferred location of large name on robot and end of year robot demo at company

*Donations must be made by December 31 to be included in any printed materials.

For additional information regarding donations and in-kind support,
please contact us.