Thank you for your interest in the Robotomies!  Here you will find important information regarding joining the team.

#1: The Robotomies Constitution – Read me first!
Yes, it’s a large document, but it includes extremely important information about job descriptions and expectations that you MUST know!

#2: 2019 Application Form
Everyone must fill this out, even if you were a member last year!

#3: Parental Permission and Waiver Form
AFTER you have been notified of your acceptance to the team, print this out and have your parent/guardian sign it.  If you were a member last year, you will be accepted again this year, so go ahead and proceed if that is the case.

#4 Sign up with FIRST
Sign up or log into your existing account and join team 1277.  Again, if you were a member last year, go ahead and complete this step.  If you were not a member, please wait for notification of your acceptance to the team.