About Us

Welcome to the 2025 Season!

Our 2025 team will be led by:

Captains: Feyana Haigh and Matt Henry
CAD Lead: Aleks Bobkov and Steven Chen in training
Electrical Lead: Feyana Haigh
Software Leads: Anahat Mudgal and Matt Henry
Mechanical Leads: Joseph DeAngelis, Colby Malsick, Tyler Goss and Steven Chen in training
Architecture of Robot: Aleks Bobkov
Assistant Electrical: Joseph DeAngelis
Field Lead and Gameplay: AJ Mahoney, Steven Chen and Via Borchardt
Marketing: Aleks Bobkov
Safety: Colby Malsick and Via Borchardt in training
Closet Manager: Via Borchardt
Merch/Graphics: Via Borchardt and AJ Mahoney


Much thanks to our 2024 team:

Tyler Kennedy (senior) – Team Captain/Project Manager
Colby Malsick (junior) – Safety Captain
Pavel Belakurski (senior) – Code Master
Aleks Bobkov (junior) – Fundraising Captain and Senior International Relations Director Oh, and he does CAD, too
April Soynanhang (senior) – Electrical Lead
Amy Loveless (senior) – Promotions and Outreach and Public Relations and Closet Manager and Scout


2024 Team Photo