2018 – Power Up!


Power Up Teaser:

Power Up!

Upcoming Events:
9/13 First Meeting (6:30pm)
9/19 Activities Fair 12:40-2pm & Open House (6-8pm)
9/21 2nd Meeting – Present learning opportunities for preseason
12/9 Providence Bruins ($22 per ticket, tons of fun!)
1/6/18 Kickoff Event in Manchester, NH
3/1 – 3/3 NE District Worcester Polytechnic Institute Event
3/23-3/28 NE District Rhode Island Event
4/7 Florence Roache Science Showcase

Pre-Season Activities:
This year we are holding student-led educational programs throughout our pre-season!  We are dividing our 12 Wednesdays into three 4-week sessions in which members can sign up for the activity of their choice.  Options include:

  • Java (basic and advanced), offered by senior Max Battles.
  • Arduinos, offered by senior Will Hughson
  • SolidWorks, offered by class of 2017 member Steven Bettencourt
  • Demo Bot build, led by senior Nick Maciel with appointed group leaders

2018 Season Kickoff Press Release

The Demo Bot

Build & Competition Season