All students attending competitions must complete these forms by March 4!

  1. WPI Permission Form
  2. Bedford Permission Form
  3. Transportation Waiver (required of any student traveling with a chaperone, which you likely will be.)
  4. Transportation Signup Form (Reserve your ride here)

Remember that Friday of each weekend is the “load in/set up” day.  If you are a critical member (team leader, safety captain, etc.) you should plan to attend.   Otherwise please know that transportation space is limited on that day, so not everyone is able to attend.

WPI transportation will involve the two school vans.  Bedford transportation is still being worked out but may be a bus on Saturday and Sunday.  In either case you should sign up for transportation as soon as possible so we can ensure we have enough seats available.

FIRST Event: NE District WPI Event, March 20-22, 2020.
Second FIRST Event: NE District Southern NH Event, March 27-29, 2020.